Thursday, June 16, 2011

Current Events

I've been away a bit. Distracted by the various athletic competitions...

Basketball: This was my first year of following the Boston Celtics Playoff run. I'd never had an interest in basketball before - I believe what sparked "it" for me was, actually standing on a basketball court, toes behind the three-point-line, and seeing just HOW FAR AWAY that basket was. It gave me an entirely new perspective on the athletic skill required to score from that distance, under pressure, with your name and career on that line.

Sadly, the Celtics' season ended at the hands of the Miami Heat. Of course, I then had to follow them to see if they would lose (and eventually, they did - yay).

Hockey: I was more-familiar with the Bruins and was surprised at their post-season. A very dramatic finish to an unbelievable season. Each day, sports analysts would pour over little nuances for each competition, trying to reason and predict the next victory or loss. In the end, sense and reason won out over inexplicable serendipity.

Every hockey fan knows the image of the Stanley Cup being hoisted over a players head. The player skates around the rink with it, turning awkwardly, smiling and screaming with utter joy. This was no different...except for one thing...

..this time, the player was wearing a Boston Bruins jersey.

Seeing the Cup and that jersey together in the same scene hammered it home for me.

We won. I saw and experienced it all. Not just the TV highlights, but the messageboard trolls and the radio-show callers. Stuff that you don't get with a "Commemorative DVD". I don't know if I'll ever see another one (I hope so), but I'll remember this one as long as I am able.

Congratulations to the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions - The Boston Bruins