Thursday, July 30, 2009

Single no longer

You stalkers probably remember a little blurb in my profile about how I would marry anyone that could teach me how to sculpt.

I am pleased to announce that Maya Queller (of all people) took the time (out of the goodness of her own heart) to teach me Maya.

The 3D rendering program.

Not Maya the-person-that-hates-me-with-the-intensity-of-a-thousand-burning-suns.

..because learning *that* would take decades.

So, as SL-fate would have it, she divorced her current partner (co-owner of her store, Mehndi) and I could make good on my promise - I also *did* reimburse her for the divorce fee by-way-of Hard Core tip Hard got a percentage of that.

And she accepted!


Sunday, July 26, 2009


"Companion" by Ray Caesar

This is a painting by RL digital artist, Ray Caesar. His subject matter seems to mesh childlike innocence and gruesome horror.

I bring this to your attention because Mr. Caesar's works are showcased at Gattina's newest exhibit. Not satisfied with slapping a screencapped texture onto a prim, Gattina and her team have enabled the works of Ray Caesar a bit of interactivity.

Approaching one of the paintings will thrust your avatar into the painting's scenery...

"Companion" featuring T. Alekseev

For this portrait, I purchased the hair, shape/skin, and outfit at the Hotel Dare. The room has a convenient poseball positioning your avatar into the perfect stance.

Through this, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for the painting: The verdant setting, the prehistorically-porportioned flea with his bloated belly and chitinous legs, the off-the-shoulder shirt sleeve. All of these elements culminating to propel the theme of an unnatural/natural bond between a child and the obedient pet.

There are three other interactive works and five conventional paintings for you to enjoy.

Creative talents are: Marie Lauridsen,
Katat0nik Pidgeon, Autumn Hykova, Leetha Moxie, and Daniel Luchador.
Artistic direction provided by: Gattina Dumpling

..and I ended up wearing the Caesar avatar all night. All that worrying about what to wear to the event...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stuff n' junk

Current events:

1. Tease: I have an event to attend this weekend that I cannot divulge publicly. Invitation only, it is staggering in its bulge-worthiness.

2. New Junk: As fallout from item #1, I've been considering upgrading my "look" for a new skin and a new peenor. Thank you, Leose for your invaluable advice.

3. Gluttonous: After 3 hunts, you'd think I'd be done shopping...yet, that suit at Aoharu looks really nice. (Justification - see item #1)

4. Some secrets should remain secret: Some whackjob claims to have deciphered the Colonel's Secret Recipe. I haven't read the recipe yet, but I imagine it starts off like a Penthouse Forum letter.

5. Lookin' for a man: No, not me. My good friend, Maya (who both adores and despises me) is in serious need of an arm accessory. He needs to be "good looking and normal"... Prospective candidates should immediately teleport to the Hard Alley sim, where they will be processed and evaluated.

That's all for now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pwning the hunt


I recently uncovered a new way to finish hunts. You'll need an alt (or a friend) and a text-based viewer. I *highly* recommend omvviewer light (which can be obtained here).

You'll be using the text-based viewer as a "seeing-eye-dog" (s.e.d).

1. Go to a hunt location with both your avatar and your s.e.d.
2. With the text-based viewer, do an Object search. You can use the default search radius of 25m to start.

3. Sort the results by name and check the top of the listing. Your hunt object should appear.

(Fig. 1: Hunt item found. Note the "Buy" and "Move to" buttons)

At this point, you can tell your Seeing-Eye-Dog to move to the object. Like an obedient golden retriever, your s.e.d will walk to the item's location. Follow closely and purchase, don't forget to cam up or down if necessary.

4. Open the item, teleport to the hunt's next location, then teleport your s.e.d to you. Repeat until the hunt is finished.

If the item is not found at first-pass, you can increase the search radius, or move your alt to another location, teleport your s.e.d with you and repeat steps 2 and 3.

I tried performing this with just one avatar, but the omvviewer inventory commands are lacking, so you need the graphical client to open the items to get the next landmark of the hunt.

Now, I realize the content creators want you to have fun with the hunts, explore their stores...and believe me, I totally support content creators (I was one, briefly). But, after all the hint-complaints, the frustration, the time lost, cheaters, outdated clues...I think this is a more-efficient way of finding what you are looking for.

..and isn't that what we all need?

(Ed. Note: Takashi will whore-out his seeing-eye-bitch abilities to anyone willing to pay)

Monday, July 13, 2009

TV moms

I've been meditating on Leah Remini lately. The whole "hot-mom-hooks-up-with-average-shlub" dynamic makes "King of Queens" so watchable.

(this would be her..up there...shooting the cue the right of the Heineken bottle and behind the smouldering cigarette.)

Which led Calie to pose the question: Are there anti-Leah-Remini's on TV?

So, after a bit of pondering, I've compiled a list of Successful-TV-series-moms-slightly-less-physically-attractive-than-Leah-Remini. See if you can guess the series, character, and actress for each.

The take-home lesson: an endearing character doesn't necessarily need to have *unbelievable* physical attractiveness.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


For those keeping track, I had entered a photo-contest for the Gaming Parlor that I frequent.

I won.

Here's the original blogpost featuring the photo.

/me runs off to find hookers and blow.