Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stuff n' junk

Current events:

1. Tease: I have an event to attend this weekend that I cannot divulge publicly. Invitation only, it is staggering in its bulge-worthiness.

2. New Junk: As fallout from item #1, I've been considering upgrading my "look"...shopping for a new skin and a new peenor. Thank you, Leose for your invaluable advice.

3. Gluttonous: After 3 hunts, you'd think I'd be done shopping...yet, that suit at Aoharu looks really nice. (Justification - see item #1)

4. Some secrets should remain secret: Some whackjob claims to have deciphered the Colonel's Secret Recipe. I haven't read the recipe yet, but I imagine it starts off like a Penthouse Forum letter.

5. Lookin' for a man: No, not me. My good friend, Maya (who both adores and despises me) is in serious need of an arm accessory. He needs to be "good looking and normal"... Prospective candidates should immediately teleport to the Hard Alley sim, where they will be processed and evaluated.

That's all for now.

1 comment:

Maya said...

LMFAO i cant believe u posted that about me LOLOL