Friday, November 28, 2008

I reverse-engineered an afro today...

However, you just can't start your day doing something like that (you'll hurt yourself!). So I, like so many others, started my day at 4:30AM going shopping at the local mall - masochist that I am.

..but it was productive. I found several presents (okay, most of them were for me), but that's only because I'm terrible to shop for.

After a quick breakfast, it was time to work on hairs. When you are designing items for a fashion show, I've learned that Modify and Transfer properties are rather important. Since the pre-made afro I had was non-transfer, I had to make my own afro. They say imitation is the highest-form of flattery - and if someone has given you full-modify rights, you can flatter pretty high.

Be well...and keep watching this blog for my fashion show entry.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving.

While your friends and/or relatives are, no doubt, driving you absolutely insane today, do try to remember how much better life is with them around. Try to find value in even the worst of circumstances, and say "thanks" to yourself every now and then.

Thank you, my friends.