Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: EIGHT pounds down!

I won't lie....the first 5 pounds were fairly easy, but every pound after that is very slow-going.

Still, the scale readout is moving in the desired direction.  The main changes to my routine seem to be:

1.  Still practicing basketball - if you can call it that.  I spend more time running after my missed shots but even 45 minutes of that is enough to clear my head and not ruin myself for the rest of the evening.  I am finding my range, slowly.

2.  No more mindless ice cream - This was fairly easy to put down.  I'll have the occasional sundae with the family, but I'm not just plopping on the couch with the half gallon anymore.

3.  Smarter snacks - high fiber almonds, microwaved corn on the cob, excellent oranges.  Find a favorite and enjoy it.

Not sprinting toward any pre-set number - just going about this with a level-head.  I've survived two summer barbeques so far.

Yeah, the Miami Heat won.  Congratulations.  Ugh.