Monday, July 13, 2009

TV moms

I've been meditating on Leah Remini lately. The whole "hot-mom-hooks-up-with-average-shlub" dynamic makes "King of Queens" so watchable.

(this would be her..up there...shooting the cue the right of the Heineken bottle and behind the smouldering cigarette.)

Which led Calie to pose the question: Are there anti-Leah-Remini's on TV?

So, after a bit of pondering, I've compiled a list of Successful-TV-series-moms-slightly-less-physically-attractive-than-Leah-Remini. See if you can guess the series, character, and actress for each.

The take-home lesson: an endearing character doesn't necessarily need to have *unbelievable* physical attractiveness.

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Anonymous said...

As much as people hated Roseanne for being a "fat pig" I always thought the mom she played on TV was one of the most real mom characters to grace the small screen. A couple of other ones would be Brett Butler from "Grace" and Katy Sagal from "Married with Children." Even though Peggy Bundy wasn't necessarily UGLY...she was SO the anti-tv-mom. Good post Takashi.