Thursday, July 30, 2009

Single no longer

You stalkers probably remember a little blurb in my profile about how I would marry anyone that could teach me how to sculpt.

I am pleased to announce that Maya Queller (of all people) took the time (out of the goodness of her own heart) to teach me Maya.

The 3D rendering program.

Not Maya the-person-that-hates-me-with-the-intensity-of-a-thousand-burning-suns.

..because learning *that* would take decades.

So, as SL-fate would have it, she divorced her current partner (co-owner of her store, Mehndi) and I could make good on my promise - I also *did* reimburse her for the divorce fee by-way-of Hard Core tip Hard got a percentage of that.

And she accepted!


1 comment:

Maya said...

Don't worry, it won't last long. LOLOL

"because learning *that* would take decades."

u sure? i'm an open book