Sunday, July 26, 2009


"Companion" by Ray Caesar

This is a painting by RL digital artist, Ray Caesar. His subject matter seems to mesh childlike innocence and gruesome horror.

I bring this to your attention because Mr. Caesar's works are showcased at Gattina's newest exhibit. Not satisfied with slapping a screencapped texture onto a prim, Gattina and her team have enabled the works of Ray Caesar a bit of interactivity.

Approaching one of the paintings will thrust your avatar into the painting's scenery...

"Companion" featuring T. Alekseev

For this portrait, I purchased the hair, shape/skin, and outfit at the Hotel Dare. The room has a convenient poseball positioning your avatar into the perfect stance.

Through this, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for the painting: The verdant setting, the prehistorically-porportioned flea with his bloated belly and chitinous legs, the off-the-shoulder shirt sleeve. All of these elements culminating to propel the theme of an unnatural/natural bond between a child and the obedient pet.

There are three other interactive works and five conventional paintings for you to enjoy.

Creative talents are: Marie Lauridsen,
Katat0nik Pidgeon, Autumn Hykova, Leetha Moxie, and Daniel Luchador.
Artistic direction provided by: Gattina Dumpling

..and I ended up wearing the Caesar avatar all night. All that worrying about what to wear to the event...

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