Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pwning the hunt


I recently uncovered a new way to finish hunts. You'll need an alt (or a friend) and a text-based viewer. I *highly* recommend omvviewer light (which can be obtained here).

You'll be using the text-based viewer as a "seeing-eye-dog" (s.e.d).

1. Go to a hunt location with both your avatar and your s.e.d.
2. With the text-based viewer, do an Object search. You can use the default search radius of 25m to start.

3. Sort the results by name and check the top of the listing. Your hunt object should appear.

(Fig. 1: Hunt item found. Note the "Buy" and "Move to" buttons)

At this point, you can tell your Seeing-Eye-Dog to move to the object. Like an obedient golden retriever, your s.e.d will walk to the item's location. Follow closely and purchase, don't forget to cam up or down if necessary.

4. Open the item, teleport to the hunt's next location, then teleport your s.e.d to you. Repeat until the hunt is finished.

If the item is not found at first-pass, you can increase the search radius, or move your alt to another location, teleport your s.e.d with you and repeat steps 2 and 3.

I tried performing this with just one avatar, but the omvviewer inventory commands are lacking, so you need the graphical client to open the items to get the next landmark of the hunt.

Now, I realize the content creators want you to have fun with the hunts, explore their stores...and believe me, I totally support content creators (I was one, briefly). But, after all the hint-complaints, the frustration, the time lost, cheaters, outdated clues...I think this is a more-efficient way of finding what you are looking for.

..and isn't that what we all need?

(Ed. Note: Takashi will whore-out his seeing-eye-bitch abilities to anyone willing to pay)