Sunday, January 18, 2009


In Second Life, clothing is important.

Level 1. People do get offended if you are running around nakkie. Ruth-clothes, as horrible as they are, are free and are accepted grid-wide.

I still remember my ruth-clothes. Dark-blue mock-turtleneck, dark pants, white socks...

Level 2. The next step up the fashion evolutionary ladder (for me) was freebie clothes. Lots to choose from, widely available, and priced right for newbies.

..they're mediocre.

Level 3. Ascending further, you find clothes that have pricetags attached. Someone drops you a LM to Armidi or you see the Muism ad in the search engine... The dilemma here is, now that currency has entered the picture, you have to cast a more-discerning eye on how you want to look.

Compound that with the fact that you can still make a horrible decision while laying out significant sums of money...

Level 4. Bargains can be had in SL. Just today, my friend introduced me to the 50% gift card phenomenon. And with friends like mine and resources like Free*Style, you can really start accumulating comments like "zomg sexxxy!!!one!lol" without much distress. there's this one particular acquaintance (curious we haven't friended yet..), he was stuck at Level 2. Scratch that...he was comfortable at Level 2.

In a stripclub, clothing is important.

At first glance, yes...strippers do need SOMETHING to take off. But this applies to the customers as well. I realized that when I started wearing non-freebie, my friends took notice.

Sure, I won't get the lindens back...but it's a different kind of investment. It allows you to show others that you have an eye for couture. It's an avenue of expression.

Maybe the dancers enjoy receiving attention from gentlemen over slobs?

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Megz said...

You go it. I say that your SL appearance is much akin to personal hygiene in RL. You'd shave, shower and put deo on for a date or to go out in RL right? Putting some effort into your appearance in SL is like, the SL equivalent to RL personal hygiene.

You look great, Tak. Keep up the good work! =))