Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pretty noose is a pretty pain

I found a free shape and skin yesterday - for my female alt. It is a freebie.

Now, before you go "slashme eyerollz", let me just say that I'm all for convenience. No more having to bother with matching a skin to a shape...two drags (lol) and I'm done.

PLUS, I've picked up a stalker after throwing it on. Man, the horniness of this place...srsly.

Anyway, if you're into the "Final Fantasy doll" look, pick up the freebies - both sexes available for your alting pleasure.

Heaven's Skin & Shape

These were already mentioned on Free*Style, but I felt I had to re-iterate at how damn-effective these things are.

Now, what to do about horny, newbie, stalker guy....

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skat said...

Ooooo...send him my way, honey. I'm all about stalkers! LOL...er...kidding... I'm all about consensual stalkers...