Saturday, September 19, 2009

He 8

Precisely eight years ago, my life changed.

Now, I don't remember every detail that happened during those twenty-four hours on September 19th 2001, but I vividly recall:

The tragedy of 9/11 still fresh on the newspapers headlines, and my doubts about the world and the humans living within it. But then, my son was born, and my world instantly shrank. We were now a family of three and he was the best distraction a father could ask for.

I remember when he emerged, he did not cry, and his eyes were wide open - he was beyond ready for the world. From that moment, I was determined not to waste that thirst for learning.

I remember sending out a page (yes, on a pager - I know I'm old) to an address list of impatient friends and relatives announcing his birth. it simply said "he out".

It's eight years later. He's still got that fantastic thirst for knowledge (as evidenced by the numerous teacher-parent conferences). He's inherited his father's sense of humor. He's extremely cute..and he's already charming the ladies, going so far as having a girl friend on his arm.

Happy Birthday, C.J.
I love you, son.

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skat said...

Awww...what a lucky kid!!!