Thursday, May 6, 2010


Boys and toys. You know the rest. Here's my latest:

528 MHz, 512MB, 3.2 MPx, WinMo 6.5, GPS, headphone jack, TouchFlo3D, tetherable, etc. I've got music, ringtones, and picture contacts already installed. I was prepared to flash the OS, but this model already came with the update applied.

Improvements desired:
  • Ability to delete mail messages when browsing them - right now, you have to open the message then delete.
  • Ability to mark messages in Inbox-view for mass deletion. As it stands, you have to delete messages one at a time.
  • More integration of contacts data with the other functions of the phone. For example, I should be able to search for a contact, then navigate to their address via the GPS. The Sprint navigation app doesn't even allow pasting in an address - you have to type it in manually.
  • Ability to delete music files from the Sprint Music application. They force you to use a file manager for tune removal.
The love affair continues...
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And to show that I'm not totally heartless, I'm planning to spoil my wife with the following Mother's day presents:

  • A hand-painted lampshade. The artist would be our son.
  • A macro-lens for the DSLR camera (yeah, I want this too)
  • Dinner out or in, her choice
  • Kid-free day, duration dictated by her
  • Upgrade her phone to the HTC Touch Pro 2

The love affair continues...


skat said...

Isn't it amazing that our phones now contain more technology than our first computers did? I remember when phones were just for calling people! Now we can take pictures, movies, play games, read books, browse the web...computers that fit in our pockets. I wish my dad had lived to see this stuff!

Taka said...

I don't even use my phone to talk to people.

I also wonder what Cameron's and Megan's phones will be like 10 years from now. And that makes me happy.