Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween 2010 part one

When the wife leaves me with the kids for a weekend, stuff like this happens:

My cupcake menagerie
Vanilla with white-chocolate cream-cheese frosting. Pomegranate accents and fondant tombstone. Inspired by Horrid Twine.
Goth cross half-and-half
Chocolate w/chocolate cream-cheese frosting and fondant zombie
Chocolate with Vanilla cream-cheese frosting and fondant hand
Chocolate with chocolate cream-cheese frosting and fondant bonepile
Vanilla with white chocolate cream-cheese frosting. Fondant accents.
Megan's Purple-frosted parental nightmare
Tigger Jack-o-Lantern

Yes, I was a sucker and bought the fancy cupcake liners.

Pictures of costumes next week!


youtarzanmejane said...

Aww Tak,

I love that you made me feel all super sweet and yummy. <3

And you made me in my favourite - white chocolate.

Love, Horrid.

skat said...

Hehe, I can't decide if my favorite was the hand or the bonepile, but to be fair, I have to give it to the purple frosted parental nightmare...only because it was created by a mini-TakaSHE... ;)

Taka said...

Yes, my daughter makes it rain purple frosting.

Megz Ling said...

Next year we should have a sugar skull decorating competition.