Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still thinking of ALL you guys...

Yeah, yeah, I haven't been on. I've been sick. Blah Blah.

Seriously, I'm still unhealthy (getting better, thank you). Give it another couple of weeks - should be good as new.

In the meantime, I'm working on a charity item for Japan. I'll slap it together, put it in a vendor, make some pictures...hopefully it'll raise some money for the Red Cross.

In the toy department, I got a Color Nook. First thing I did, of course, was root it. Now I'm getting all familiar with Android AppStores...Did you know they use these things to read *books* on? Neither did I.

I'll leave you with this - it reminds me of Maya (don't ask me to explain).

Be well. *cough*


skat said...

Ok, that's two days in a row you made me spray liquid all over my monitor. HOW ABOUT A SPOILER NEXT TIME?!

~ Chrystina Foxdale ~ said...

Miss ya - but I'd rather you be healthy than on. ♥

Hard Core Boss Lady said...

Take your time babe. When you're ready, we are. Get well soon :)