Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mystery text messages

I had plurked that I was receiving mysterious texts on my phone. They were coming from an unknown (to me) phone number - but the area code was from my home state.

Last night, this happened:

Stranger: Hey, I need some help

Up until now, I've just been ignoring the texts - they were harmless "Hi" messages. But the altruist in me couldn't ignore this. I am, after all, a nice guy.

Me: What do you need help with?
S: Jumping someone at the last day of skool

Now, the parent in me steps in and feels the need to stop this before someone gets hurt or worse.

Me: Who?
S: I told u at lunch
Me: I think jumping someone is a bad idea. Also, how did you get this number?
S: U gave it 2 me remember
Me: I think you should recheck that number
S: Y aint it u
Me (feeling a little clever): Prove it 2 me. What's my name?
S: Ashely
Me: Nope. You should get Ashely's number again at lunch. And don't jump anyone plz.

From the previous texts, it's obvious to me that Ashely and this stranger are very good friends, but why would Ashely give her a totally wrong cell number? Hmmmmm....

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