Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some harmless weekend fun

I was, again, trapped in the house with my children as my wife was attending to a rabbit housecall.

I had wanted to explore tea-flavored cake, since it happened across my Pinterest wall. A few concerns:
  • I didn't have Earl Grey
  • I didn't want to make an entire cake of one flavor
  • My kids don't like sharing
My solution was to make cupcakes. I could divide the batter among the kids and myself: They could make theirs, I could make mine. Plus, it would allow me to explore different teas with the cakes.

Instead of Earl Grey, I managed to get:

A spiced chai latte mix
An herbal black cherry tea

From Left to Right:  Spiced Chai chocolate cupcake with
 whipped buttercream vanilla frosting.  Black Cherry chocolate
cupcake with whipped buttercream frosting.

Megan gets enthusiastic with frosting her cupcakes

Devil's Food cupcake with whipped buttercream and
fondant leprechaun hat (by Cameron)

Using tea for flavoring really does work with the cakes and, I think, is a better option than the artificial stuff.

Hope this helps.

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