Thursday, May 30, 2013

Being the FATHER

You guys already know about being a father.

I'm not talking about test results on "Maury".  This is about taking responsibility for your child/children/family.  Making the necessary sacrifices and ensuring a good foundation to raise offspring.

I've seen two posts today about moms who make more than dads and its effect on a household:

An opinion piece by Peggy Drexler:  When mom earns more, it's tough on dad


Fox News reaction to recent Pew study on more women being breadwinners

OK.  The YouTube FoxNews video is just....well, I won't say what it is.  But that first link - I gotta vent about that first link.

It mentions two couples.  The first dad stays home while the mom works full-time as a Dean of Admissions.  He lets the laundry pile up and expects her to cook dinner after her full day working at the college.

The second dad stays home while his wife works full-time successfully selling houses.  They were both artists before drawing straws on who would find a full-time salary.

So, the article goes on to explain how there's this underlying resentment toward their spouses for being breadwinners.  The husbands and their bruised egos consider therapy and antidepressants.  There's this subtle question of whether women should be feeling guilty for excelling in the workplace - that the shattering of the glass ceiling is cutting dear hubby stuck on the ground floor.

You have got to be kidding me.  Time for my inner R. Lee Ermey to step in.

Dudes, this isn't helping the family.  Make yourself useful.  You've learned how to deliberate a case in court and paint/sculpt/whatever.  Learn how to cook and work the washer/dryer.

I know - learning can be physically taxing.  You have to resign yourself to this new role.  Do it for that woman you love.  Do it for that child you FATHERED.  This is all about sacrifices now.

From the article:  [the source of fatherly depression may be] "..that their spouse may have less time to spend at home"

You know what would give the wife more time to spend with you?  If she didn't have to do laundry all the time!

My wife makes more than I do - and I am thankful for every extra cent.  I've learned how to cook, grocery shop, clip coupons, separate whites from colors, change the drum and the serpentine belt in the dryer...we share kid dropoff-and-pickups.  All for the good of my family.  She shattered her glass ceiling and I cracked open a cookbook.

My kids are doing well in school.  They are healthy and happy - when they're not driving each other up the walls.  Sure there are other challenges I have to address, but cooking and cleaning just seems so elementary.  You don't have to be June Cleaver with the frilly apron and pearls - you can be Anthony Bourdain instead (preferably without the heroin addiction).

Don't fail us.

UPDATE:  Greta van Susteren thinks the Fox News males have temporarily lost their mental faculties.

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