Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doctor Sleep

Despite what you may think of me, I must confess that I am not an avid book reader.  I do find stories fascinating and received much of my education from comics and graphic novels, but when faced with 1,000+ pages, I start thinking "how much time is this actually going to take?  And who will feed the kids in the meantime?"

With that being said, I did manage to complete Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep".  I chose to start reading this for a number of reasons:
I was exposed to "The Shining" movie way before I was supposed to - kinda explains a lot actually
I have read other King short-stories and was hoping for a well-edited (seriously, no grammatical errors or typos) novel.  I was not disappointed.
It's the Halloween season
I needed something else on my iPad besides Cisco CCENT Study Exam Guide

So, what did I think of the book?  I liked it.  Stephen (yeah, we're totally on first-name basis) goes after some pretty obvious "bad guys":  drug-addicts, child abductors, molesters, pedophiles, abusive parents, those who prey on the elderly and infirm, drunk drivers and more.  I was hoping for a white-collar criminal, too (I was imagining where in the plot line it would have fit and it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch).  Seriously, corrupt banking executives and hypocritical politicians are more-terrifying to me than a junkie on a bender.

One other thing - I have this habit of trying to envision the movie-adaptation of anything I read.  I cast Jessica Lange as the Antagonist, Rose the Hat.  Powerful, elderly, gruff, and sexy.  Edward Norton as Daniel.  He can do bottom-of-the-gutter and recovering addict.

**spoiler alert** 

happy ending


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