Friday, April 18, 2014

Brazilian Bugs and their No-No places

The journal Current Biology documents the discovery of four new species of Brazilian (how much is a brazilian anyway?) insect.  Of particular note is in these four species - the females have penises and the males have vaginas.


During mating, it was observed that the females use their penises to enter the male and gather his sperm packets to fertilize her eggs.  The article also notes the presence of spikes or barbs on the penis to ensure secure transfer of the packets (which may take upwards of SEVENTY HOURS) and that the packets also contain nutrients that are crucial for the survival of the female in the harsh Brazilian cave environment.

Rodrigo Ferreira, co-author of the article states "This elaborate female penis is completely unique."

So I salute you, Genus Neotrogla, for taking a Honey Badger-esque attitude toward everything we previously knew about sexual roles.  You saw a need to grab that genetic material for reproduction and devised your own Dyson sexvac.  Female Penis-envy might become a thing and males across the planet can wonder whether this is a harbinger of things to *cough* come.

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