Monday, May 18, 2009

Horror Stripping: "The Watch"

[19:47] Takashi Alekseev strips off his shirt for Bianca, only to draw more attention to the ROLEXXX (tm) on his wrist.
[19:50] Takashi Alekseev uses his bling-factory to reflect the stage lights right into Calie's eyes.
[19:57] Takashi Alekseev notices his watch is starting to turn his wrist green...
[19:58] Takashi Alekseev: an underlying rash starts to develop...
[19:59] Takashi Alekseev cannot find his antihistamines...he starts to swell...
[attach "Post-Thanksgiving" shape]
[20:00] Takashi Alekseev dances on.
[20:00] Takashi Alekseev: "kan I haz benadryl?"
[20:03] Takashi Alekseev 's tongue swells from the anaphylactic shock. Unable to speak, he motions desperately for his respirator mask.
[attach "Uniform Gas mask female"]
[20:05] Takashi Alekseev: the watch continues to invade his bodily systems. His hair starts falling out in large clumps.
[detach hair. Attach bald cap]
[20:07] Takashi Alekseev is unfazed. The dancing and stripping continue.
[20:09] Takashi Alekseev quickly shucks-off his slacks and throws them toward Calie, watching them sail through the air and land at her feet like a smouldering, black puddle of superfine wool.
[20:10] Takashi Alekseev: the evil watch continues its leprosy-like attack on his body, claiming his left leg.
[attach invisi-prim - l leg]
[20:11] Takashi Alekseev hops around the dancepole as best he can, unwiling to remove his wrist-accessory.
[20:15] Takashi Alekseev discards his black thong, slingshotting it over to Calie. With a great sigh, he completes his striptease before the hell-watch consumes him.
[take off underwear]
[20:17] Takashi Alekseev: the rash from his fake watch grows in intensity. His right hand bursts into flames.
[attach human torch fire prims]
[20:19] Takashi Alekseev: The fire spreads to his forearm and across his torso. Fueled by the corpulent body, the flames grow into a raging inferno on the dancepole.
[20:22] Takashi Alekseev collapses at the base of the pole. Nothing remains except the hideous watch - still it awaits its next victim.
[rez Rolexxx at base of dancepole]


Hard Rust said...

All I can say is..

Poor Calie.

skat said...

OMFG! And I wasn't there?! TELEPORT ME NEXT TIME!!!

::pulls out her flask labeled Takashi's Lighter Fluid (yeah, wouldn't you like to know where I keep that tucked out of sight;) and squirts it on Takashi's burning form ::

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