Monday, June 1, 2009

Vectors and such...

Hello again.

I have a nerd friend. She sent me a link to:

Now, I have an innate fear of all things ornithological (I tried desensitizing myself by marrying an Avian veterinarian - more on that some other day). I cautiously followed the link.

It turns out that it has relatively little to do with feathers, and a lot to do with online vector graphics generation. Yes, Megz, I'm lookin' at you.

Now, the site is still at toddler-two stage. It generates a b&w vector image for you, which you can then re-color. But what really intrigued me was how smooth it was to do graphics manipulation online. Can Photoshop be far behind? Just imagine being able to 'shop your textures in-world...

Also, last night I explored tag-team lapdancing for fun and profit. Zahara, we absolutely must do that again sometime.

..and there's a Make-Yo-Man hunt starting today. Perhaps I will finally discover that tasteful timepiece I've been longing for.

Thank you.

1 comment:

skat said...

OMG, Takashi, you RULE!! I have a best friend who's always complaining about not knowing where to find good man-clothes... /me thinks he and I are goin' SHOPPIN' tonight!

The graphics thing kicks ass too!

::kisses you and slips a new bottle of lighter fluid into your pocket::