Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some summertime

So, I've been keeping non-usual hours in SL, lately. Most of it is due to planned and forced vacations - I can do a work-day with 4 hours of sleep, but I cannot survive a full-day with my children. At your expense, we're having a blast. Just thought you should know.

To compound the issue is this Dell Latitude D630 laptop: normally, I order models with the upgraded nVidia graphics chips. In these desperate times of cost-cutting, the company has decided to configure the laptops with the less-expensive intel integrated graphics chips. Herein lies the problem, as the integrated intel chips seem to have an issue with SecondLife. Just a few minutes after teleporting in, the cpu hits 50% and lag makes the entire experience unworkable. It seems to be related to sculpts and scripts, as my sandbox seems to give me adequate chat-performance (but the conversation is less-than-stimulating there).

So, anyone considering a hardware purchase, I strongly advise the ATI or nVidia adapters over the integrated intel versions - for a better SecondLife.


skat said...

Aw, feeling your pain, Takashi:( Enjoy the summertime and the kids - summers are way too short and kids grow up way too fast!!! SL ain't going anywhere fast ('s so laggy lately, how could it, right?:)

Now I'm gonna make you jealous (well, I needed something good to happen to me anyway, so pfft!). I got a settlement from my car accident I had last year and the check clears today. And once it does, I'm ordering a Dell XPS m1730, totally maxed to the GILLS for 'gaming' (read: SL). WOOT!

Taka said...

17 inches...half-a-gig of GDDR3...yeah, you'll definitely be able to see my bulges then.

I'm jealous beyond words, Skat. But I am comforted by the fact that you, of all people, will put every cycle of that multi-core CPU to good use (read: outright, perverse debauchery).

So, I "downgraded" from a D630 to an Inspiron 600M (with an ATI chip), and the 600M has none of the lag-issues that the D630 had. Less cpu, less memory, but better graphics. I'll take it.

skat said... know what? If you've not already, talk to Biancajade Ryba...she had a link to a view (not Kirstenlee, another one) that looks promising. Might be worth a shot;)

Spoken like true addicts, huh?