Thursday, June 18, 2009



Today is International Sushi Day. To commemorate this occasion, I have devised, what I believe, to be the world's first "Maya Musubi Roll"


1 pressed square of sushi-rice
1 generous helping of
(Portuguese sausage)
a dab of wasabi (she is a spicy one)
seaweed ribbon to tie it all together
coat the edges in flying-fish caviar (to appeal to her neko side)

pairs well with a cold beer or sake-on-ice.

..if she didn't hate me before...

1 comment:

Maya said...

HAHAHAH! chouri├žo xD i liked that one, just not caviar. :P even if im a neko yesah!
ohhh... im a spicy one? u gotta explain me that :o
how important i am, 3 posts on your blog about me *faints*