Monday, June 8, 2009

Fashionably late

What's a guy supposed to do with 151 stores' worth of freebies?

Make outfits and blog about them.

48 hours after posting, I finally get around to updating my own tell you about another blog. The Hard Alley personnel have taken it upon themselves to tell YOU what you should consider wearing.

I've already posted an outfit comprised of the "Make Him Over" hunt, Megz has blogged about those kickass boots of hers (I think they have car speakers in them) as well as formulating the site's style, and Skat used her persuasive techniques (i.e. more lighter fluid) to actually get this project rolling.

You say you're allergic to text? Well, my friend, why have you not checked the Flickr site?

Don't make us do all the work.
Beg Skat to become an editor. It may sting at first, but you'll grow to like it.

Do it now.


skat said...

You are too damn cute. I <3 you, Takashi!

Hehe...will you go to the Burning Life festival with me this year??? I can't think of a more perfect companion. I'll bring the lighter fluid... >winks<

Taka said...

I <3 you too, Skat.

Yes. I'm very much looking forward to Burning Life this year - would love to accompany you!

skat said...

Woo hoo! It's a date then! :)

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