Saturday, June 20, 2009

For Fathers

So, tomorrow is Father's Day. Since I'm a dad, my only suggestion is to avoid the necktie and underwear gifts (and combination necktie-underwear is NOT twice-as-good, despite what the advertising might say).

I've also been working on a contest entry for one of the Gaming parlors I frequent. Unintentionally, it does have a paternal-thread in its subject matter...

I suppose every cub requires a little assistance from his elders every now and then...

As a dad, I've had every one of those lions' expressions on my own face.

I photochopped two individual paintings and layered them together. Original source material: "A Friend in Need" by C.M Coolidge and "Daniel in the Lion's Den" by Peter Paul Reubens.

Happy Father's Day, Pop.

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