Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Futurethought: Tagging Fat

I'm sitting at my desk and I'm contemplating my body fat.

(eats another cookie)

This got me to thinking:  How much of this cookie am I going to retain?

I know that we're just scratching the surface regarding nanoscience and radiotags.  But what if we could actually determine precisely where our excess body fat came from?

Right now, we just assume that the body fat is equally composed of these unused sugars - our body just manages to find empty pockets to store fat in (think a biological equivalent of an episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive").  But are some fats more-prone to storage and less-prone to burning than others?

Tangent:  I hear a lot of dietary talk about how a person gained four pounds and immediately tries to recall (guess, really) where the diet failed.  "It must have been the mayonnaise I had on that sandwich last Thursday".

uh-huh.  okay.

I've observed that my own weight can fluctuate five pounds, depending on the time of day I step on the scale.  So, whenever I really want to make myself feel better, I weigh myself at 6:30AM.  After dinner, I can step on the scale again, see that I'm 5 pounds heavier, and now the ice-cream doesn't seem so appetizing.  Go to bed, wake up the next morning, hop on, and I'm back to my initial weight.

First thing:  Weigh yourself the same way each time.  Your actions should be based on the best data you can get.  If you have a bathroom scale, use that exclusively.  Don't mix using the bathroom scale with the Wii Fit board and the cargo scale on the loading dock.  Same goes for time-of-day.  Be consistent.

Back on topic - My goal here is to be able to determine my body fat came from Dunkin' Donuts.  It won't stop me from going there, but it would make me feel better - proud in fact.  I want sponsorships for my flab.  If Goodyear can brand their spare tires, I want to do the same.

Alex, who is 15% donut

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