Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The liberal hidden agenda is - little girls

TLDL:  Social-scientists from U. Rochester and Harvard analyzed the rulings of 240 judges - found that judges with female children were 7% more-likely to rule in a feminist favor.

To put that 7% in more-relative terms, seven percentage points is about half the difference between democratic and republican judges - pretty striking.  Furthermore, the difference is strongest among republican men.

This hits my awesome-receptors in so many ways:

First, it illustrates that judges, like the rest of us, are influenced (consciously or not) by our children and are not 100% impartial.  

Second, it demonstrates how a father can hold republican ideologies up to a certain point.  Once it starts "hitting home", as it were, their view changes. 

Third, it infers that if the conservative parties want conservative judges, they either have to look for judges with no children, or judges with only male children.  I seem to recall other cultures where girls were looked down upon....hmmm....give me a second....

In closing, if we accept that judges can be influenced by this and, presumably, by other life-experiences, then the best scenario we can hope for (in regards to fair justice) is to bring as much DIVERSITY to our judges as we can.  If we seek to avoid "overloading" on one particular influence, then we can neutralize it across the entire judging population.

...or we can just say that girls have cooties.

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