Friday, February 27, 2009


I have many girl-friends that I adore. But this particular girl - there's nothing I will not do for her. She drives me insane on an hourly-basis.

She has the funniest personality
She is extremely intelligent
She is gorgeous
Not a day goes by where she doesn't make me laugh and smile
We read to each other almost every night
If she doesn't like my cooking, she'll let me know by eating dirt or birdseed instead
I've serenaded her countless times
She's an excellent shopping buddy
Often, she'll run naked - just because she feels like it

Today is her birthday. She will be turning three.

Happy Birthday, my darling daughter. Your dad loves you.

1 comment:

skat said...

Awwww...what an awesome, incredible, sweet, perfect post! Happy Birthday to your little girl;)