Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing with food

During one particular evening at Hard Core, Megz admitted to having a dream about cupcakes. Fast-forward 20 minutes into that conversation and we conceived the idea of a goth-cupcake.

I'm wondering if these are dream-worthy...

Top row: "Bleeding Anarchy", "Berries in Bondage", "Logos"

Middle row: "Sweetheart", "Spike"

Bottom row: "Running Mascara", "Cross", "Mascara 2"

I will thank my wife for taking my kids out of the house for the day - allowing me to ass-around with dessert.

These are originals. All the ingredients used are 100% edible. Cupcakes are pale-complexion white, with a bleeding raspberry center.

I was given some Cake-decorating candy-heart sprinkles (Barbie-brand, if I recall correctly). I painted the little skull-faces on with a toothpick and some blue food coloring. It's not the Mona Lisa on a grain of rice, but they are charming in their own way.

Comments appreciated.

1 comment:

skat said...

OMG...they look scrumptious:) And just the thought of biting into one and having it bleed...hehe... Might have to invite you to our annual Halloween Party;) We scare the majority of our neighbors beginning around the middle of September...