Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weird and Weirder: part two

This is a recount of actual events in SecondLife. Identities have been altered for everyone's protection.

Date: Friday, October 16th, 2009

So, my evening at Hard Alley starts of with an IM from Megz.

She's got a surprise for me. It's waiting at the club.

I teleport over and there's a silver dancepole. It's got male dances in it! I love it so hard - like Jamie Gumm in "Silence of the Lambs"

It's Fetish Friday tonight.

Fast forward a few hours. I'm pantsless and my cock is on display. I'm still working the male dancepole for all I'm worth.

In walks a horse-avatar

[20:39] Mr. Happy is not in a good mood tonight

Again, tonight is Fetish-Friday, and we've both seen much worse than a Demon-unicorn. I start to entertain the guest:

[20:40] Takashi Alekseev: what's on your mind, Mr. Happy?
[20:40] Mr. Happy gruffs, "Beer was too warm and the women too cold...."
[20:40] Takashi Alekseev: Drink the woman, f*** the beer.

it's at this point, Mr. Happy tips me 500L

I profile surf him, because of his generosity...and am genuinely frightened by the 1st life photo.

[20:42] Mr. Happy taps his fingernails on the stage..

he tips me ANOTHER 500L. Time for a stall tactic.

[20:45] Takashi Alekseev: I'm getting in trouble tonight
[20:45] Talana Chiantelle: And how is that?
[20:45] Takashi Alekseev: I'm being spoiled royally
[20:45] Troy Halsey: nice
[20:45] Takashi Alekseev: Thank you again, Mr. Happy.

[20:47] Mr. Happy grumbles, his frustration mounting... his hard claws scratch the hard wood of the stage, his nostrils flare as he lets out a soft snarl.

[20:48] Takashi Alekseev wonders if the stallion needs some release...

(because I've never attempted gay bestiality before tonight.)

[20:49] Takashi Alekseev straddles the gigantic Hell-horse
[20:50] Takashi Alekseev grinds his hips deep into Mr. Happy's horsecrotch

I remind you, I'm still dancing on the Male pole, with my cock flailing about. And I used the gender-appropriate pronoun in my emote.

[20:51] Mr. Happy looks to Takashi as she straddles his torso... and snarls

This is what is known in the sex-industry as "a misunderstanding"

[20:52] Takashi Alekseev looks around nervously..."I've never done a large mammal before"
[20:53] Takashi Alekseev swallows hard and continues working on the tense Demonicorn.
[20:54] Mr. Happy snorts.. and pushes Takashi away.. growling as he realizes the efemminate dancer is a male..

Now, I'm wondering if his RL initials are N.S.Sherlock.

[21:00] Mr. Happy snarls a bit on his poor eyesight and sense of smell dulled by overuse of cocaine, he sees Talana dancing and runs his hands over her body.. finally gripping hr hair

So, in the course of a Friday evening, I have learned:

1. Fetish Fridays are dangerous in their leniency
2. "SLocaine" is a hell of a drug
3. The male dances in the dancepole apparently are not male enough
4. I need to make my pixelcock extremely large, neon yellow, with particles emitting from the tip
5. Demonicorns go gay for me...almost.

How was your day, sweetie?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one commented on this.

Taka said...

It's definitely in my top five favorite stories of SL.

Thanks, Megz