Monday, November 15, 2010


A few things about this outfit. I really like how the dirt on the shirt and suspenders matches exactly with the dirt stains on the skin. Two different creators, same coloring and patterning (I got lucky). Also, regarding the fingernails, I was able to "Edit Linked Parts" to position each nail individually - no floaty cuticles.

The boots have a colorization HUD for toeskin and nails.

This was all initially inspired by "The Walking Dead", now playing Sunday Nights on AMC.

Shape: Pleiades_A - Heaven's Shape (now extinct)
Skin: Reek of Putrefaction - Show Me on the Doll
Shirt: Zombie Boy Shirt with Suspenders - Dirty - Rotten Defiance
Shirt Collar: Dare Shirt (White) Collar - Havana
Pants: Plaid black - INDI
Shoes: Gother Boot (Blood) - Demotik
Eyes: Winter Months - Deviant Designs
Hair: Cruz (Espresso) - MADesigns
Nails: Black Long Nails by Jayden Zweig - possibly at Nikita Fride


~ Chrystina Foxdale ~ said...

I leave you on your own for one night, and you revert to your former, rotted, decayed and depraved self. YAY !

skat said...

Nice! Love the skin name "Reek of Putrefaction" - hehe, I've been watching Walking Dead too! I almost (almost) watched it while eating spaghetti the other glad I didn't LOL! I don't normally have a weak stomach when it comes to horror movies/ brain is just very good at separating real from unreal so those things don't scare me or overly gross me out. But for some reason, zombie FX are different LOL!

Taka said...

Indeed, Putrid Gloom's store will just fill you with wonderment.

I also highly recommend the movie "Rec" for zombie-viewing goodness.


skat said...

Putrid Gloom? *THE* PUTRID GLOOM?! From my July 14, 2009 blog post:

"...we were in a beautiful sim (Forest Feast)...just sitting in a field of yellow flowers...[and] someone danced by in a pink tutu...named Putrid Gloom. Nice!"

And...she made a comment to my post as well:)

"That would be me! I think I bumped into you, I'm sorry :/"

I <3 her name!