Friday, November 5, 2010

The new rage: Zuzu

Those of you who follow SL-drama are probably already familiar with Vic Zuzu. He's the guy that took-over the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt), once the original creators had a falling-out. I can applaud his initiative.

Unfortunately, that's all I can applaud about him.

Once you get past his broken-english, you start to uncover his methodologies. He's very effective at making you utterly hate him. He carpet-bombed several of my designer friends (many of whom do not make men's items and have no interest in participating in his MHO hunt), he routinely uses his style-guru fashion sense (ha) to attack others when logic fails him, he does not recognize the difference between fame and notoriety, twisted moral compass regarding intellectual property, bigoted against gays, et cetera.

In a lulzy way, I'm admiring him. I've adopted his last name for my Plurk profile and often refer to him in the third person. For example, "You cannot use large words when you try to insult The Zuzu. It just won't work."

"C'mon, bad can he be?" I know. I hear you. I invite you to form your own judgments regarding The Zuzu. Please visit his blog page.

I made it through 3 pages of The Zuzu challenge before I went mad.


Megz Ling said...

ugh, I read about some of his antics. He seems like a real winner.

skat said...

Um, I sorta live under a SL rock...never heard of him...didn't make it very far through his blog. I got to the post about codpieces and spewed chicken noodle soup all over my work computer...and you say he is bigoted against gays? You know what they say about people who are homophobic, right?

Haha, will have to peruse some more someday when I'm bored;)

Taka said...

It's too bad, because he's just removed all of the drama-posts from his blog.

I'm gonna miss that wacky lunatic.

Nave Fall said...

I'm also, in a weird, almost sick, way missing the Trollboy. He gave me lots to write about and poke holes in.

I'm sure someone other attention vampire will step up and attract our interest soon

Nave Fall