Friday, November 12, 2010

So simple...why did I not see this before?

One of the things I do is make mashup portraits. This is where you utilize Photoshop-trickery to combine an SL-avatar with a RL-figure. I typically do this because I either don't have an SL-pose for what I need, or the body-lines just look smoother than what I can get out of SecondLife, or I'm just lazy. In any case...

I believe I may have blogged about Tineye before. That's an image-analyzer website that combs the 'net and can determine what other images were used as source-material for your picture. My other photoshop buddy and I have been constantly trying to beat Tineye: using screen-capture tools, doing colorizing and pixel each attempt, Tineye was able to see right through us.

Only recently, have I discovered a way to obfuscate the eye-of-tin.

You simply mirror your image.

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Megz Ling said...

There's also an in-world posemaker on xstreet right now that's only L$199. I havent bought it *yet*, but plan on it. It gives you the ability to tweak poses as you need to fit right. BJ had one from another creator (avapose or something like that?), but this one is much cheaper. Might be a useful tool for you to make your mashups even more accurate. Even if mashups are really kind of creepy. lol