Friday, December 26, 2008

Project KenDoll - beginning stages

Gattina Dumpling is my best friend. As a Christmas/birthday present, I decided to make a RL-doll of her SL-avatar of her RL-self. I invite you to keep reading...

1. I had to conceptualize a toy legbrace and put it on some doll...It was also during this time that Gattina was hosting the "Poor, Stupid, and Out of Control" (anti) fashion show at her Hotel Dare. One of the advertisement posters featured a Barbie doll in a cheerleader outfit on a mattress. Sexy and guilt-infused at the same time. I decided to put the Barbie franchise through the wringer...

A dryer-vent hoop-clamp was the right thickness and width for the legbrace sides. Nickel-plated curtain rings would fit as round legbrace components. The legbrace pins would be from computer motherboard supports - I had a ton of them, they were the right size and threaded.

2. Acquisition - From the vast library of Barbie dolls, there are surprisingly few with black hair. My choices were "Hair Teresa" and "Top Model Teresa". I opted for "Top Model" because she had better accessories.

Looking at the accessories further, I started thinking about reverse-engineering them. The included fashion magazine could be replaced by a Juxtapoz issue (required reading for hipster artists)...I could slap a Hotel Dare logo on the hairbrush. Takashi's foot-fetish made him a shoe-in for the box top. The coat hanger would need to be replaced.

I mean, what kind of accessory is a coat hanger?!? on.

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