Thursday, December 18, 2008


Suffice it to say, Chris Cornell is a very talented individual. You can enjoy the title-track from his solo CD in my playlist. it. I did.

I've also added two Katy Perry songs, just because her voice-range is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I'll be traveling this weekend, like many others. I am arming myself with an all-wheel drive minivan, plenty of movies and music for the kids, my sketchbook, and the laptop with a tethered connection. The weather in the northeast is supposed to turn ungodly - it looks like I may be escaping just in time.

Scream indeed.

Be careful, because I love you.


Megz said...

I hear those minivans do pretty good in the snow.

Happy holidays Takashi...I hope you have some good time off to relax and enjoy your fam.

Taka said...

The minivan managed to get out of the driveway without too much drama. Thank you, Megz :)

You stay safe in your Saturn. Our SL2 managed to run for 3 years with no oil. A miraculous engine.

Enjoy your Christmas too, Megz.