Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A reality-check on excess

Hi again.

I was scanning the local headlines and one particular one grabbed my attention (rather fiercely). It is the situation Bernard Maidoff finds himself in.

As background, Bernie Maidoff is the center of an immense financial pyramid scheme. For a few decades (!), he's defrauded several corporations and individuals out of a total of close to (or exceeding) fifty-billion dollars.

I won't focus on the psychology behind why Mr. Maidoff felt he needed to constantly swindle people. Rather, I'll divert to a more-creative exercise...

We're at the height of the holiday shopping season, and our thoughts focus on purchasing and receiving. Fifty-billion dollars is a lot of money. It's an order of magnitude that I cannot comprehend. So I'm asking for your help:

Could you make forty-nine-point-seven-billion dollars disappear like Mr. Maidoff did?

(at this time, it is said he still retains three-hundred million)

1. You have to spend it on things you are willing to undertake - no purchasing islands, corporations, governments, individuals' souls, or other unless you are ready to run them.
2. Limit one of each item
3. No Gambling - this is a cop-out answer :P Besides, I doubt you'll find a bookie willing to cover an eleven-figure wager.
4. Let's limit all the purchases to yourself

Responses will be met with extreme gratitude free-of-charge

1 comment:

Megz said...

I would buy a diamond studded one of everything. Panties, cars, dogs, computers...everything in my house would look like scrooge mcduck's vault of gold. That should run up what..maybe a few million?

This guy is an assbag. It sickens me at the greed of this person. Most of us are struggling to live off of, at best, maybe an $80,000/year combined income in a family. What the hell could one person possibly need that amounts to that much money?

Sorry I can't offer better suggestions...but thats because I can barely wrap my head around how much money that is.