Friday, December 26, 2008

Project KenDoll - final stages

9. I needed something for the back of the box. I had imagined a photo of Gattina in a subdued tone with a short description. Her Flickr page had the perfect image. Jaja Lubitsch is not only an extremely talented artiste, but also a very awesome individual. I requested permission to reproduce her work and she replied immediately. A little more font-and-brush work in Photoshop and it was ready to print and stick. Thank you, again, Jaja.

10. The clear-box logos seemed to be epoxied onto the plastic - they weren't coming off through chemical (acetone) or physical (magic eraser) means...My only option was to
tastefully cover them with more labels. The upper-right "Teresa" was replaced with "A Takashi Designs Original" (lol) and the name was covered with "Gattina" in a hand-cut Old-English font - "Dearest" font, for the curious.

11. Gattina also enjoys My Little Pony. At first, I wanted to make a MLP "window" on the box-front, but it started getting too crowded with all the existing eye-candy. So, I opted to make a card. For the curious, the window was going to be a color image laserprinted onto a transparency.

Me, being me, I had to Photoshop the pony also. Photobucket is just about the best source for images of My Little Pony and cocaine. Throw them together with some freehand (gasp!) and "Blowpony" was born. (Card content is between me and Gattina)

12. The remaining work on the legbrace required a drillpress. Because of the curved hoops, a drillpress was ideal for a steady, consistent result. Hoops must also be supported during the drilling process. I used various pieces of scrap wood and pipe. Clamp down your work, use a high rotational speed, and wear eye protection.

The metals used were soft enough to mold around the doll's leg, and stiff enough to retain their
shape and withstand a beating. Fine-tuning the fit with the adjustable standoff screws finished the look.

Srsly, it's the best bling out there.

Well, that's it. I had reached the end of my timeline. It was time to package it all up and send it to Gatt. In retrospect, it does seem like a lot, but it was *SO* much fun to do - it didn't seem like work at all. And I wanted to do so much more!

Those ideas will have to
wait for another project for another day.

Thank you.

She is a doll.

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